How to get your lists in front of the masses

Our goal is to create lists of the best of everything in a way which is as objective, professional and unbiased as possible. To this end you, our users, are our greatest asset and biggest strength, and we are definitely aware of it.

Aspiring Writers/Bloggers

Top10Zen can help you gain an audience and build a powerful online portfolio that not only showcases your skills as a writer, but also allows real readers to interact with, share, and show their appreciation for your content.

Your profile page can act as a portfolio all on its own - here you'll be able to add a picture of yourself (front-facing face shots work the best), a short bio, and also all the lists you've ever written on Top10Zen will be showcased here.

Experts and Business Owners

If you're an expert and would like to gain more authority in your field, or a business owner with an interest in exposing your business to the masses, Top10Zen has a lot to offer you. Please see our experts and business owners guide for more information.

See our quality guidelines for writing amazing lists that our editors will be forced to approve.