Top Ten ways to get that promotion you've been wishing for

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 20, 2015
Small steps to success

There's a fine line between fawning over your co-workers (being an obvious kiss-ass that everyone hates) and becoming the most popular, successful grunt in the cubicle maze. Follow these top ten tips to make your way to the top of the heap, and still get kissed at the office Christmas party!


Under-promise and over-deliver

If you're pretty sure you can get that report finished by tomorrow afternoon, then promise your boss that it'll be done the day after tomorrow. When you casually turn it in early, you'll make major points.


Buy snacks regularly, and share them with everyone in your department

Don't buy enough for everyone every time. Instead, buy a couple of extra pastries, and subtly take turns sharing with two or three people, so that they feel singled out and special.

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