Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists In 2021

Added by Nicola Porrill on Oct 16, 2021


Jeff Abel
Nationality: Canadian

If you've been paying attention, you'll recognize Excision as the buddy of Datsik. His music is loud, intense and full of bass - just what you'd expect from one of the best dubstep artists in the world. Considering that his career started ten years ago, it'd be fair to say that he was one of the forefathers of the modern dubstep biz, having influenced hundreds of other DJs since then.



Sonny Moore
Born: January 15, 1988
Nationality: US

Skrillex's sound is unmistakeable. It's fast-paced and full of energy, which is what makes it so brilliant. Skrillex has to be one of the best dubstep artists in the world, as he has been awarded an incredible six Grammy Awards for his talents. Even if you're not usually a fan of dubstep, you've probably been drip-fed his music through television and advertizing - look up a few songs of his and you'll recognize a few! This music is best enjoyed loud, so you can feel the beats pulsing through you. Turn it up and enjoy!

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