Top 5 Ways To Get A Steal On A Mattress

Added by mattressguy on May 26, 2014

Looking for insider tips on how to negotiate and what to ask when you are trying to get a deal on mattress.


Ask the right questions.

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach the first question to ask is if they have a mattress that is best for your sleep style. If they show you to a mattress, ask why it is best for that sleep position. These should be clues as to how much your mattress salesman actually knows.


Listen for red flags.

After your opening questions, if the first thing you get from the salesperson is "what is your budget?" Or they show you to the weekly special, you'll know that they aren't motivated by finding the right mattress for you. Frankly, with as many hours and years that you'll spend on it, don't get hung up over a couple hundred dollars if it makes the difference in the right one and wrong one.

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