Top 5 Most Expensive Teas In The World

Added by Edan Barak on Jul 14, 2015

1 Tieguanyin

This is the motherload, the cherry on top, the big kahuna. Tieguanyin is the most expensive tea in the world, and, naturally, it comes from China. At the fantastical price of $3,000 per kg, just thinking about this tea makes my heart beat faster.

It's named after a Buddhist deity called Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy). It's an oolong tea, meaning its oxidization is somewhere between that of black and green teas. Luckily for anyone who buys this expensive tea, a leaf can be brewed up to seven times before it loses its flavor, so I guess its bang-for-your-buck value is very high. So why is this tea so unique? It brings the five senses into play with every sip:

- Sight: The liquid is a shimmering golden color, and the leaves are thick and bright. Pretty!
- Sound: The leaves are kneaded before being put into cloth bags, making a pitch-perfect ringing sound when poured into your cup.
- Smell: It has a distinct chestnut flavor when brewed, making it unique among Oolong teas.
- Taste: The rich flavor of this tea fills the mouth and tongue when swirled in the mouth.
- Touch: The tea leaves themselves are heavy and solid, crisp to the touch.

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