Top 5 Famous Gay Couples in History

Added by godmilk on Feb 14, 2019

J Edgar Hoover

Although J Edgar Hoover had a reputation of being a hard man, there was a softer side to him. The first director of the FBI lived with his mother from the day that he was born until she died, and stayed on in the house. In later years, he shared his home with Clyde Tolson – a relationship that contemporaries described as brotherly. Quite some brotherly love, given that they never dated women, collaborated at work and spent their leisure time together. The government must have approved of the idea. They gave the flag that covered Hoover’s casket to Clyde Tolson after a state funeral.


Alexander the Great

Next up is the Greek hero Alexander the Great, who was perhaps the most famous soldier of them all. He was a handsome fellow, and his men literally worshipped the ground he walked on. He chose a school chum Hephastion to be his second-in-command and primary lover. They slept in the same tent with not a murmur from his troops. At the peak of Alexander’s power, Hephastion died in battle. The general was inconsolable, and died of grief within six months.

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