Top 5 Best Countries To Live In - Does Your Country Rank?

Added by Edan Barak on Mar 29, 2021
best countries to live in

Often while traveling to other countries we'll find ourselves wondering how our lives would differ if we just decided to stay, permanently. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but how much can you really know about living in a country by just a short visit, usually experiencing only the best the country has to offer?

So we decided to really get into the thick of things, and pit the world's countries against each other in an attempt to find the 5 best countries to live in. Of course, there'll always be that smart alec that'll point out that our list is quite subjective, and not necessarily true for everyone since, for example, having friends and family in a particular country would make it much more attractive to live there.

Our decisions into which countries to include are based mainly on quality of life, economy, safety, and recreational opportunities. You know, things you can actually measure and put a number to. So without further ado...


United States of America

If you're yearning for a culture of creativity, industriousness and the diversity of cultures brought about by the influx of immigrants from around the world, then the United States is the place to be. Residents of the USA are privileged in having front-row seats to the greatest free market system in the world, resulting in mega-corporations, an abundance of products and services leading to amazing convenience in all walks of life, and the highest GDP in the world. Promoting scientific and technological development almost religiously, the country has become a hub for high-tech and military development, and is still considered the land of opportunity when it comes to finding a job. Finally, the US has a wealth of natural beauty and national parks - in fact, it could take a lifetime to see all the wonders the US has to offer.



Norway is a real gem, combining immense natural beauty with a relaxed and healthy populace, high standard of living, and an equal opportunity job market, stable economy and a particularly strong welfare system. The wages in Norway are considered very high, with the whole population sharing in the economic prosperity of the country - every working person has enough money to be able to pay for all needed living expenses and then some, which is very impressive - despite the country being relatively expensive, with high taxation to support the welfare system. The beautiful mountain ranges, fjords, forest, glaciers and lakes make Norway a particularly spectacular country, and travelers are often awe-struck by the beauty they discover on their travels.

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