Top 10 Weirdest Animals In The World

Added by Andrew Tyson on Feb 15, 2022


With bulging eyes, giant ears, and cartoonish tufts of hair, the Aye-aye could definitely haunt your dreams. Thankfully, this lemur merely looks terrifying. It is the world's largest nocturnal primate, but it doesn't wander around looking to steal souls – it just wants some grubs. They have a unique way of getting those grubs, using its fingers to tap on trees until it finds them, then gnawing a hole in the tree. After the hole is there, the Aye-aye uses its extra-long middle finger to pull the grubs out for a quick lunch.



This smiling salamander is one of the most unique amphibians in the world. Aside from the genial outward appearance, the axolotl is neotenic, meaning that the adults remain aquatic and gilled instead of going through a metamorphosis when reaching sexual maturity. Unlike most other neotenic salamanders, the axolotl can actually be forced to metamorphose through an injection of iodine. They also have the ability to regenerate almost any of their body parts. While axolotls are nearly extinct in their native Mexico, they have thrived in captivity, and have become prized by the scientific world as well as by civilians as pets.

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