Top 10 Weirdest Animals In The World

Added by Andrew Tyson on Feb 15, 2022

Star-nosed mole

While it looks as though a cartoon cigar exploded in its mouth, the fleshy appendages around the snout of the Star-nosed mole are actually finely-tuned sensors that are helping scientist to further understand how sensory information is processed by the human brain. These nasal tentacles identify food by touch, which is very helpful for the little rodent, as it is blind. These feelers are so sensitive that they allow the mole to make the decision whether an object is prey or not in the shortest amount of time of any mammal, which has caused a number of scientist to question if sight is, in fact, the number one predatory sense.



The first of a number of Australian animals on this list, the echidna is one of two members of the monotreme order of mammals, which means that it does not birth live young, but lays eggs. They are covered in spines, and have long snouts lined with electroreceptors, a feature only found on land in echidnas and platypuses. Its strangest feature is, by far, its reproductive system. The female has a reproductive tract with two branches, while the male has a penis with four heads. During mating, two of these heads are rendered inactive, while the other two grow inside for reproduction. The next time the male tries to breed, the heads that were inactive in the previous copulation are used, and the swapping continues every time.

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