Top 10 Weirdest Animals In The World

Added by Andrew Tyson on Feb 15, 2022

Goblin shark

With a long, pointy snout and crooked, nail-like teeth, it's pretty clear how this shark got its name. It ranks pretty highly on the list of animals that will haunt your dreams. Scarier still, the Goblin shark can actually shoot its jaws forward at incredible speed, in front of its mouth, to snatch fish. Don't worry too much, though, as this demon of the deep sea is flabby and slow, and keeps to depths of 100 meters or lower.



Pity the kakapo – this New Zealand native had it really good until European settlers arrived. A fat, flightless, smelly, nocturnal parrot, the kakapo developed plumage and defensive actions to protect itself from airborne predators. Unfortunately, reacting to danger by freezing in place has not proven to be a good method of survival when being hunted by the ground-based, scent-tracking dogs and cats brought by early settlers. Thankfully, this one-of-a-kind bird has a long life span, which has allowed for a conservation effort to be put into place to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

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