Top 10 Weirdest Animals In The World

Added by Andrew Tyson on Feb 15, 2022
Goblin shark

With millions of species of animals roaming the planet, some of them ended up a bit stranger than the rest. Some of them look like they are made up of spare parts, while others have incredibly odd behavior. Some have managed to exist in places that no living creature should exist, while others look like throwbacks to the prehistoric era. Frankly, some of them look more like one of those made-up creatures you thought lived under your bed when you were young. Here are the ten strangest animals that inhabit our planet – don't blame us if one or two of them pop up in your nightmares.

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Frill-necked lizard

While it is large for a lizard, and can certainly look menacing with the giant frill, the frill-necked lizard is thankfully only interested in insects. But plenty of animals are interested in the lizard, so it has adapted its body to present a frightening display meant to scare off potential predators. Should the display fail, this guy has one more trick up its sleeve – they can run extremely fast, and are capable of running on just their hind legs when they pick up speed. This is exceptionally helpful when trying to escape predators in its native Australia, such as quolls and dingos.



Existing in the deep water off the coast of – where else – Australia, the blobfish is a rather sad looking fish out of water, but this is due to the strange adaptations to its preferred waters. While many fish use gas bladders to create buoyancy, the blobfish does it by being made up of gelatinous mass with a slightly lower density than water. The blobfish is also lacking in muscle, so much of its existence is spent floating along with the current and eating whatever floats right in front of it.

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