Top 10 Ways to Fight Writers Block

Added by RPass08 on May 26, 2014
Top 10 Ways to Fight Writers Block

Having trouble getting down the first sentence? Here are 10 techniques to beat writers block. These techniques should help you get going in no time and turn out high quality material.


Go to a Coffee House

Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to get those creative juices flowing. Try going to a coffee house (they usually have WiFi) to overcome writers block.


Take a Short Trip

Again, when you have been staring at a page for what seems like an eternity and you are having difficulty coming up with ideas you just need to take a step back. Going on a short trip will help clear your mind and give you a fresh start when you return.


Pretend to be Writing to a Friend

The rigid structure of professional writing can sometimes cause writers block. Try writing informally like you would write to a friend. This will help get some ideas down on paper that you can then take and create a master piece with. To get more tips on how to beat writers block visit Writers Circle.


Talk With a Friend

Sometimes just talking about an idea with a friend will bring you new inspiration. Just talking loosely about the idea without trying to formally present it on paper can help generate ideas. One added benefit is you can get great feedback and second opinions.


Do Some Chores

Chores are mundane remedial tasks that require little thought to complete. However, when you are doing chores your mind can be wander and lead you to new ideas. Try doing the laundry or cleaning your room.

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