Top 10 SUVs In 2022

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 20, 2017
Mazda CX-5

It used to be that Sport Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, were bulky gas-guzzlers that were difficult to maneuver and only useful for large families. Those days are long gone, with car-makers evolving the idea to the point where there are SUVs that make sense for every buyer, from the hardy off-roader, to the soccer mom, to the eco-friendly hippie. With something for everyone, it’s also become more difficult to point your finger at one and dub it "The Best". Here are the top 10 SUVs that we think deserve special consideration.

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Land Rover Range Rover

With half a century of history behind it, the Range Rover historically combines great off-road performance with a certain level of posh that allows it to fit in whether you’re going to a rodeo, or rolling down Rodeo Drive. The interior is more opulent than any other in its class, with an incredible audio system, LED mood lighting, and all sorts of other creature comforts. It’s not just about comfort either – a choice from two powerful V8 engines and a lightened chassis make the Range Rover fun on the road and off.


Chevrolet Tahoe

One of the few SUVs that still likes to show off its big, burly, truck origins, the Tahoe provides great bang for the buck. It’s heavy and powerful, can handle off-road work, and has seating for up to nine, features that are often hard to find at a bargain price. It is an SUV for folks looking for true utility vehicle that can fit a soccer team while hauling a trailer, with plenty of comfort. It’s not the most exciting vehicle on the road, and the interior is not particularly flexible, but it is a true no-nonsense workhorse that is easy to keep going – plenty of Suburbans and Tahoes with two or three decades of use are still on the road.


Porsche Cayenne

Someone, somewhere, wants to be able to take five passengers and their suitcases for a ride at 175 miles per hour. For that person, the slightly ridiculous Porsche Cayenne Turbo is the choice for 2013. 550 horsepower is on tap, taking the Cayenne Turbo S from a standing start to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds – roughly the same as a standard Corvette. The Cayenne does it with three more passengers and a lot more luxury, but it comes with a price tag that is almost as jaw-dropping as its speed. Of course, if you feel that you don’t need that much power on tap, the Cayenne is also available with smaller, more fuel-friendly engines, as well as a diesel for hauling. All of these have the same amount of luxury and prestige expected from Porsche.


Lexus RX Hybrid

30 miles per gallon out of an SUV would have sounded preposterous a decade ago, but it’s on its way to being commonplace. The charge is being lead by the luxury RX Hybrid, an efficient sport utility vehicle with a quiet ride and plenty of high-tech goodies inside. This comes at the cost of acceleration, but you won’t care about that extra second or two of 0-60 time when you pull up to the gas pump. The seating is comfortable, with plenty of room for taller adults. The driving performance is tight, with a comfortable ride, but it will never be thought of as sporty. Of course, when you consider that you’re getting the versatility and comfort of a Lexus SUV with the fuel economy of a Honda Accord, there’s no need for a fuel-conscious buyer to look elsewhere.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you’re planning on taking your driving talents off the paved road, you can’t pick an SUV much more capable than the Grand Cherokee. The vehicle has a lengthy pedigree, and comes with an assortment of gutsy, high-powered engines. No gas-sipping four-cylinder engines here, the base model comes with a powerful V6 engine, and can be upgrade to a 470-horsepower V8 capable of handling pretty much any road or off-road conditions thrown at it. The Grand Cherokee can also pull large loads, which is sometimes necessary given the slightly below-average cargo space inside.

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