Top 10 Safest Countries In The World In 2022

Added by Edan Barak on May 8, 2014

In an increasingly tumultuous world, conflict has become ingrained into our daily lives. Global uprising and internal violence have produced unsafe, unstable countries that lower the sense of global peace. Peace and safety have long been difficult to quantify, but The Institute for Economics and Peace is trying to do just that - with the Global Peace Index, or GPI.

The GPI takes into consideration a number of variables, ranging from intentional homicide rate and level of violent crime, to financial contribution to UN peacekeeping missions and nuclear capabilities. This statistical analysis then provides a ranking of countries from most to least peaceful, and has been helpful when used in comparison to indicators not included in the mix, to demonstrate what drives countries to be peaceful. Here are the ten safest, most peaceful countries in the world and how some indicators correspond to their rankings. For the GPI, 1 is the most peaceful, 5 is least peaceful.

When researching countries to possibly emigrate to, safety is usually a number 1 priority - but there are also a number of other considerations such as quality of life, economy, and recreation. For this reason you might be interested in reading about the top 5 best countries in the world to live in.

10 Belgium

GPI Score: 1.339

A federal monarchy with a penchant for making good beer, Belgium has an education system that produces one of the highest proportions of adults enrolled in postsecondary education in the world. Violent crime is rare, and the highly stable government has seen little in the way of any demonstration, let alone violent ones. A big part of the United Nations, Belgian contributes troops and funding. There has been no terror activity in the country, and they have pleasant relations with the numerous neighboring countries.

9 Sweden

GPI Score: 1.319

The fourth Nordic model country on the list, with the fifth – Norway – sitting just off of the list in 11th place, Sweden is often noted as the best-governed country in the world. Even so, they have seen violent protests, especially in the areas heavily populated by immigrants. Sweden is a fairly large exporter of small arms, and has active armed forces, but has avoided war for the most part over the last two centuries. The country is consistently ranked in the top ten on development and quality-of-life indexes, and has a very good distribution of income, among the best in the world.

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