Top 10 Safest Countries In The World In 2019

Added by Edan Barak on May 8, 2014

8 Canada

GPI Score: 1.306

The Americas do not fare well on the GPI, with Canada being the only country from North or South America in the top 10, and one of only two in the top 30. Canada does have some internal conflict, mostly due to the ongoing conflict between First Nations and the government, which has included some terroristic acts. Canada contributes greatly to UN peacekeeping missions, and the armed forces are involved in a number of actions, but they are generally not on the front line, meaning rare deaths from conflict.

7 Finland

GPI Score: 1.272

Yet another country that follows the Nordic model, which clearly leads to peaceful, safe countries, Finland has one of the best education systems in Europe, and a stable system of government created through the cooperation of 8 different parties. Like the Swiss, this multiple-party system seems to lead to greater political stability, with less likelihood of violent demonstrations. Their homicide rate is surprisingly high, the highest in Western Europe, but this is mitigated by the fact that they have a very low level of perceived criminality over all.

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