Top 10 Quilting Patterns

Added by RPass08 on Feb 15, 2017

Ragged Hearts Quilt Pattern

This quilt is made from alternating squares and bar fabrics. Heart shaped fabrics are sewn to twelve of the square blocks. Alternate between heart shaped blocks and floral blocks. Use the same background color for each row. To share your favorite patterns and discover even more patterns to make visit 24 Blocks


Floral Rag Quilt Pattern

The floral rag quilt is an easy 2-block pattern made with floral fabrics. For this quilt you will need large plain floral squares, medium floral rectangles, and a small floral rectangles. For the inside patterns alternate blocks between the large floral squares and the medium and small rectangle. The outside pattern is made with bars. This is an easy pattern for beginners to learn.

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