Top 10 Quilting Patterns

Added by RPass08 on Feb 15, 2017

Double Pinwheel Quilt

Each double pinwheel block has 16 units. 8 square pieces, and 8 triangle units. For this quilt you will need 3 colors it works best to have a base color a light color (such as a tan), and a bright color. Simply alternate triangle pieces and square pieces to complete rows. the object is to create a pinwheel effect by creating for larger dark triangles and 4 large light colored triangles. See the picture below.


Meet the Hearts Bouquet Quilt

The hearts boutique quilt is a small quilt with the focal point being a heart shaped flower basket. For this quilt you need 9 separate colors. Simply use a dark red color for the outside border. For the inside cut 2 long rectangles and two shorter rectangles to create a box. Using 5 separate colors create 5 smaller rectangular rows. Next create a pattern for your floral arrangement and stitch that to the middle of the piece.

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