Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Added by Kevin on May 26, 2014

So here is my top 10 absolutely necessary questions you need to ask before hiring a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer. Choosing a personal injury attorney can be difficult. But if you keep in mind my ten important questions from a Rhode Island Personal injury Attorney you will find a fantastic lawyer that meets your needs.

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What is your contingency fee?

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When it comes to personal injury fee agreements, most are based on something called a contingency fee agreement. Contingency fees are important to know about before hiring a personal injury attorney. The client pays the lawyer a percentage of the money received from the party at fault if the lawyer is able to settle or win the case. There will be no legal fee without a monetary recovery, and contingency fees are typically negotiated between the attorney and client. They span from 25% to 40%. The fee agreement is typically more negotiable with cases that are strong and have severe damage. Discuss this with your lawyer, you have the right to ask.


Have you worked with personal injury cases in the past?

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Lawyers are dying to take on personal injury cases. It is easy to get lost in the enormous amounts of advertising from competing attorneys. But the fact that a lawyer advertises for personal injury cases does not promise that they have tried your specific type of case. You are entitled to ask for the lawyer’s background and experience regarding personal injury cases and even the results of cases in the past. It is even possible to contact former clients of the attorney to get first hand accounts of the experience they had with the lawyer. It is common for clients to get daunted or intimidated by their lawyers. But the client should always be in control of their situation and case. The first step is to ask those important questions during the consultation.

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