Top 10 Popular New Years Resolutions

Added by Edan Barak on May 26, 2014

Live Your Dream

There's no better time to realize a dream then the present. Sure, not all dreams lend themselves to immediate gratification, but some most definately do!

Been dreaming of visiting the jungles of Africa or riding elephants in exotic Thailand? How about considering a vacation from work and going for it this coming year?

Remember: the best time to live your dreams is right now. Who knows what next year will bring - what trials and tribulations, what new goals or problems might pop up?

My personal dream was creating this website - a tribute to top ten lists, and I'm very happy I did! It's been a tough journey, but so totally worth it!


Learn something new

Often we get sidetracked in life, overwhelmed by the daily grind, our jobs, our families, our duties. What about some time for personal achievement?

Learn something new, like a foreign language, how to play a musical instrument, or the lost art of joke telling, and you're sure to feel a sense of satisfaction.

Remember: the journey is just as important as the goal, so make sure you choose something that's fun and exciting. And get cracking!

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