Top 10 Popular New Years Resolutions

Added by Edan Barak on May 26, 2014

Increase Your Circle of Friends

As the years go by and your job and significant other take over all your free time, friends tend to get sidelined or completely forgotten. This is not good!

Friends help you stay grounded, and remind you that life's journey is a reward in and of itself. It's important to have a good circle of friends you can unwind with at the end of the week, unload your problems on when your SO just wouldn't understand, or just to go out and have a rocking good time with.

Good friends make for a good life. Make your friends a priority.


Enjoy Your Life

You think back over the past year and recall all your successes and failures - in work, income, personal goals. Achieving goals is a good and noble cause - but did you have fun in the process?

If you believe, like we do, that life is mainly about happiness and enjoyment, and all the rest is a step ladder to that ultimate goal, then this resolution is for you.

This idea is simple: Have more fun! No, we're not talking about eating another cheesecake - we're talking mainly about expanding your experiences.

Do something daring, like taking up a scuba diving course, or learning martial arts. Do something fun and useful, like learning how to cook a tasty, healthy meal. Start planning fun things to do with friends, family and your partner. Stop being such a workaholic!

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