Top 10 Podcast Directories For Promoting Your Content And Getting Links

Added by samsam on Jul 24, 2015

If you're interested in promoting your website through podcast sites then this list is for you. The concept is simple: convert your online content (articles, lists, whatever) into an audio/podcast version, either by reading the content out loud, perhaps with some nice background music, or, even better, getting a professional reader to do it for you - a great reading voice can go a long way in terms of getting listeners and links. Promote your podcast on 4-5 popular podcast sites, gain a readership, and don't forget to link back to your original article.

We've done the legwork in finding the top sites that are accepting podcasts around the net. Please don't forget to vote on your best sites, and you're welcome to add any podcast sites we might have missed.



Home Page PR: 4
Simple podcast site, not too difficult to get accepted. You won't gain a huge readership from the site, but you will get a nice link.


Podcast Alley

Home Page PR: 6
This podcast directory also features a monthly top 10 list of the best podcasts for that month. If you're featured you'll get a direct link from the from page to your cast.

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