Top 10 Places to Find Antiques

Added by RPass08 on Dec 11, 2014

Antique Collectors

If you have seen the show American Pickers you know first hand how profitable picking can be. If you know of some lots in your area you can usually ask the owner to take a peek around and see if he is willing to part with any of his collection. You can bargain with these owners and usually get some pretty fantastic deals.


Cleaning Out A Relatives Home

While this instance follows a tradgic event you should still take a look in the attic and basement of a lost relatives home for valuable antiques. You would be surprise with the value of items they have been holding onto for decades. Not only can you find some terrific pieces to sell, but you can also find great pieces to pass down to your kids so they can have something to treasure forever. To get the inside scoop on the best places and times to find valuable antiques visit Dusty Old Thing.

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