Top 10 Most Successful Kickstarter Fundraising Projects

Added by Andrew Tyson on May 26, 2014
Most Successful Kickstarter Projects

Only four years old, Kickstarter has turned the idea of raising funds for a start-up on its head. The website has made it possible for folks with half-decent ideas to connect with investors from around the world. In the past, it was all about networking, but they have made it so that the investors will come to you, instead of the other way around. Some of these projects have been uninspiring, but others have been extremely successful, and demonstrated that Kickstarter and crowd funding could be the future of business. Here are the 10 most successful projects to get off the ground.

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10 Wasteland 2

Backers: 61,290
Pledged: $2,933,252
Kickstarter link: link

In 1988, Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game, set the base for an entire genre of games to come. It spawned the incredibly successful Fallout series, but never received a sequel. When the producer of the original Wasteland, Brian Fargo, started InXile, his goal was to resurrect the series, and he turned to Kickstarter. $2.9 million later, Wasteland 2 was in production, with members from the original Wasteland game as well as the Fallout series being hired on.

9 Form 1 3-D Printer

Backers: 2,068
Pledged: $2,945,885
Kickstarter link: link

A successful attempt at making a relatively affordable 3-D printer that uses stereolithography, Formlabs’ Form 1 printer received just under $3 million in funding through Kickstarter. Prior to Form 1, people looking at 3-D printers had to choose between the less-expensive heated polymer filament printers, with low resolution and detail, or the incredibly expensive but incredibly detail-oriented stereolithography printers. Thanks to the fundraising behind it, Form 1 comes in at a price point below other stereolithography printers, while maintaining the technical superiority.

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