Top 10 Most Popular Magazines By Circulation

Added by Edan Barak on May 24, 2014

4 National Geographic

Circulation per issue: 8,300,000
Frequency of magazine: Monthly
Publisher: National Geographic Society
Online Source: National Geographic

Continuously published since 1888, National Geographic is the most respected science, geography, and natural history magazine in the world. A journal that concentrates on pictorial content supported by text, the magazine has produced some of the most memorable photographs of the last century. They were publishing color photography in the early 20th century, long before it was a widely accepted type of photography. National Geographic is published in thirty-six different languages, and has received a reputation for presenting a balanced view of world culture. In recent times, the magazine has taken a stance on issues including the environment, chemical pollution, and endangered species.

3 Reader's Digest

Circulation per issue: 17,000,000
Frequency of magazine: Monthly
Publisher: The Reader's Digest Association
Online Source: Reader's Digest

A variety magazine, each edition combines numerous articles collected from around the world, along with monthly features and pages of interesting data from studies felt to be relevant to the public. Started by a husband and wife team, their aim was to collect the most important articles and data from numerous publications, based on if the articles contained information that they felt the mass-market would want. By collecting information that would usually be confined to specialty magazines all in one place, they produced a relevant product that is currently produced in 21 languages, in over 70 countries.

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