Top 10 Most Popular Magazines By Circulation

Added by Edan Barak on May 24, 2014
Most Popular Magazines

Magazines have been with us since the 1600s, when the first magazine was published in Germany, 1663. They have since demonstrated themselves to be an extremely reliable method of reaching readers around the world, as they usually target a specific demographic and interest. Deriving the name from the Arabic word 'makhazin', meaning storehouse, magazines have not only become knowledge repositories but also perfect partners on tea breaks, short or long trips, casual pass-time and more.

If you're searching for a magazine that's loved the world over, this list is for you. It includes the most popular magazines by circulation per issue, and only includes paid magazines (since free magazines are usually handed out willy-nilly and don't necessarily denote interest). This list is based on research sourced here.

10 Woman's Day Magazine

Circulation per issue: 3,394,754
Frequency of magazine: Monthly
Publisher: Hearst Magazines
Online Source: Woman's Day

This magazine for women covers topics such as homemaking, food, nutrition, physical fitness, physical attractiveness, and fashion. It began publishing in 1931, and started out by focusing on meal ideas, later branching out to other topics centered around women's interests and family matters. The magazine prides itself on being down to earth and relevant to women's day-to-day lives: it does not include funny stories and pictures of women wearing unaffordable fashion, but rather focuses on the daily needs of the household.

9 People Magazine

Circulation per issue: 3,563,000
Frequency of magazine: Monthly
Publisher: Time, Inc.
Online Source: People Magazine

People Magazine provides celebrity news and photographs, with some articles bordering on gossip. They also cover some general human-interest stories, but most of the articles are fluff pieces. They are well-known for their multiple annual lists regarding celebrities, including "100 Most Beautiful People," "Most Intriguing People of the Year," and "sexiest Man Alive." The magazine is also the driver of paparazzi photography, historically paying inordinate amounts for exclusive photographs.

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