Top 10 Most Famous French Artists

Added by Nicola Porrill on Apr 5, 2019

Auguste Rodin

Born: November 12, 1840, Paris, France
Artist Type: Sculptor/Painter

It is true that Auguste Rodin was a prolific artist who created thousands of drawings and paintings, but sadly he isn't well known for that side of his talent. Instead, his talent with sculpting clay, bronze and marble more than makes up for it. Rodin is the name behind the infamous works such as The Gates of Hell, The Kiss and The Thinker - the latter even made an appearance in the 2009 film Night at the Museum 2! It is a pose which is replicated around the world on a daily basis, which is probably why the piece has become so well loved. Interestingly, Rodin did have a lady in his life - although he did have a wandering eye from time to time. He met Rose Beuret at the age of 24, but they only married 53 years later, in what was to be their last year of life! That truly is a happy ending to a life well lived.


Edgar Degas

Born: July 19, 1834, Paris, France
Artist Type: Painter

If you've ever seen a painting of a ballerina, chances are it was created by the legendary Edgar Degas. He painted scores of dancers and ballerinas, although occasionally he dipped into the world of nudes and horses. Not together, mind you! This man, who was behind such famous paintings such as L'Absinthe and The Dance Class, was one of the founders of the Impressionist movement. However, God forbid you should refer to him as such - it was a term which he was not fond of at all!

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