Top 10 Most Famous French Artists

Added by Nicola Porrill on Apr 5, 2019

Édouard Manet

Born: January 23, 1832, Paris, France
Artist Type: Painter

As if the distinction between Manet and Monet (who we'll get to later) wasn't confusing enough, this painter was both a Realist and an Impressionist. He may be one of the most famous French artists of all time in his own right, but it cannot be ignored that many of his paintings were influenced by other classics which had been created some years previously. For example, Olympia (which is his most famous painting) bears an uncanny resemblance to Titian's work entitled The Venus of Urbino. I can't help but feel that if Manet had put as much effort into developing his own images and scenes as he did into referencing other people's, the evidence of his talents and skills would have been even greater! Nevertheless, his last major work was A Bar at the Follies-Bergère, which also ended up becoming one of his most recognizable paintings.


Claude Monet

Born: November 14, 1840, Paris, France
Artist Type: Painter

Finally, we come to Claude Monet, whose artistic talents knew no bounds. I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would argue that he is rivalled in terms of being the most famous French artist ever. Monet was an Impressionist painter: not only did he begin the movement, but he was one of its most prolific contributors. Famously, he liked to paint a series of scenes which captured the same location in different seasons and lighting conditions, such as his paintings of grain stacks and water lilies. Still to this day his style and paintings are instantly recognizable. I'm pretty sure that I only have to mention the names Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge and Impression, Sunrise for you to know what they look like. A painter who can create works which stick in the minds of even the least artistic people is the sign of a truly great master.

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