Top 10 Most Expensive Tequilas In The World

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 16, 2014

6 Rey Sol Anejo

An Extra Anejo tequila that spends a full six years aging in oak barrels, this tequila provides a combination of agave, licorice, and spices on the nose, while providing a big, plump burst of flavor on the tongue. The taste ranges towards the area of bourbons, with hints of creamy oak and caramel. Highly rated, it better be good with a price tag starting at $250 and going up to $400 per bottle.

5 Tres-Quatro-Cinco

An ultra-premium Extra Anejo tequila made by the Fonseca family, this is a blend of three-, four-, and five-year aged tequilas. The bottles are handmade crystal decanters, signed and numbered by the artist. One of the 1,000 bottles in each run will cost $500 or more, depending on who you're trying to buy one from.

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