Top 10 Memory Foam Mattress Brands

Added by Millie Rainer on Oct 30, 2017

Memory foam mattresses are popular because they conform to the shape of your body as you sleep. There are no pressure points that block healthy circulation, so individuals who experience back pain need not spend hours lying in discomfort. The typical down side to memory foam mattresses is that the memory foam traps body heat, so leading to the possibility of one’s body overheating while sleeping. Thankfully, some mattresses have fixed that problem!

Here are a look at the top 10 memory foam mattresses on the market:


Beauty Rest ComforPedic

In a Sleep Like the Dead survey, 84% of Comforpedic owners claimed to be happy with their bed - pretty good consumer confidence, right? You get about an inch or two of soft memory foam topping dense foam - not a bad combo when it comes to firm, supportive mattresses. Some people find that it's too firm, but people needing spine support love it.

A drawback is that they can only be found in some stores, unlike Tempur-Pedic and Sealy, which you can find everywhere. The 25-year warranty is nice, and it's got good motion isolation. Price tag isn't too high, so a good 3rd place choice all in all.

Advantages: soft, satisfied customers, firm, supportive, good warranty
Price: Starting at $850 (Queen)


Night Therapy

Inexpensive is probably the best thing to be said about this mattress. It is very inexpensive! $290 for an 8-inch Queen mattress?! Ridiculously low-priced, right?

Surprisingly, that’s all they have going for them. People love the motion isolation (got a B+ rating), and it's good for people with back pain that need solid spine support. The MyGel models are a bit pricier, but they're topped with a nifty memory foam that actually draws the heat away from your body - so no more sweating through your sheets. They're not the most long-lasting beds around, but the low price makes up for that fact.

Advantages: very inexpensive, good motion isolation, solid support, cooling memory foam
Price: $290 (Queen)


Serta iComfort

If you want a bed that will last through the Apocalypse, don't go with Serta. It's just not that durable, and it will wear out sooner than most of the other beds ranked higher on this list. It's priced a bit higher than Tempur-Pedic, but doesn't beat them at durability.

What the iComfort does do well is back support. Spine pain-sufferers do boast about the firmness of the bed - something most memory foam beds just can't get right. Rather than sinking into it like a cloud, it's a solid surface that's good for your back. For the price, it's a decent choice.

Advantages: well-priced, excellent for back pain, supportive, good return policy, BBB accredited, good product range
Price: $1,074 (Queen set)


Bed in a Box

Customer reviews can be pretty cruel, but Bed in a Box got some excellent reviews on sites like Sleep Like the Dead - 86% satisfaction, in fact! That's pretty great, especially when you compare it with the 65% for Sealy mattresses (some of the most purchased beds anywhere). The bed is comfortable, and it has found a way to beat the heat - no overheating at night for you!

Toss and turn a lot at night? It's good for motion isolation, so you can move without your partner feeling a thing. It's not the most long-lasting mattress, but all in all it's one of the best mattresses for the price tag.

Advantages: comfortable, good motion isolation, cool for hot sleepers, quiet, customer service
Price: $449 (Twin)



Essentia beds aren't just unique - they're awesomely comfortable too! Their beds are made with 100% natural latex - not like other “natural” mattresses with 20% polyurethane or petroleum. Essentia offers good quality, Canadian-made memory foam comfort, with a pretty decent range of firmness options. Think Tempur-Pedic, but natural, toxin-free, and much more comfortable.

The Classic 8 seems to be the top model, but back pain sufferers are better off with the Dormeuse model. The top 25% of the mattress is soft, moldable memory foam, while the bottom 75% is solid latex comfort. The best thing about this mattress: no body heat trapped by the foam!

Advantages: tested, 100% natural, durable, incredibly comfortable, made in Canada, cool sleep
Price: Starting at $1,689 (Queen)

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