Top 10 Highest IQ Record Holders in The World

Added by Nicola Porrill on May 8, 2014

4 Christopher Langan

IQ: 195

The media has dubbed Christopher Langan as 'the smartest man in America', due to his IQ reportedly falling somewhere between the 195 and 210 marks. He had a difficult start in life, which makes his achievements even more astounding, especially his perfect score in his SAT test - despite the fact that he took a nap halfway through! Surprisingly, Langan has taken on several very physical jobs, rather than mentally challenging ones, although he has also developed his own theory, entitled the 'Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe'. He is self-taught, having undertaken independent learning in subjects including advanced math, Latin and Greek.

3 Kim Ung-yong

IQ: 210

It is no surprise that this Korean child prodigy has such a high IQ, as he learned to speak at the tender age of just 6 months. By the age of 3 - when most other youngsters are only just starting out reading in their native language - he was already able to speak and read in several different languages, including Korean, Japanese, English and more. Now an adult, he has put his incredible intelligence to good use by becoming a civil engineer.

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