Top 10 Funniest Dog Videos of All Time

Added by RPass08 on Jun 29, 2015

Funny Dog Video Compilation

One of the bet funny dog compilations I have come across. This short video is packed with funnies and epic dog fails that are sure to give you a nice chuckle.


Dog Pushes Puppy In Shopping Cart

Remember when you were little and your parents put you in the shopping cart during the trip to the grocery store? Well I guess that's what this dog had in mind when she took her puppy on an adventure.


Very Hungry Dog

This dog just couldn't wait for dinner time he just need a snack to keep him going. At the expense of the owner this dog decides to nibble on his toe for a snack.



This is the funniest dog video I have seen in my life. This dog is trying to play fetch with what he thinks is a man sitting on a bench. The dog is really determined to have this statue play fetch with him. To submit your own funny dog pictures and videos visit whole lotta dogs


Dog Does Chores

This dog is surely loyal! So loyal in fact that he is doing the household chores for the owner. Don't we all wish we had a dog that did the chores? Usually I come home to the contents of my trash can littered across my kitchen floor.

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