Top 10 Funniest Dog Videos of All Time

Added by RPass08 on Jun 29, 2015
Funniest Dog Videos

Everything from a miniature dog pulling a kid by his underwear to a dog doing chores. This list has the 10 funniest dog videos on the internet today. A must watch for any dog or animal lover.


Dog Shoes

Remember when you were little and you put on your daddy shoes? It was always difficult to walk and not trip over your own feet. Well in this video the dog has a pair of shoes and it seems to be just as difficult for him to walk in them as well.


Dog Welcomes home Dad

In this video a dog welcomes home his dad after a long military tour. This dog is just soooooo excited to see his father.


Dog Bullies Kid

This dog just will not leave this poor boy alone. Despite his mothers intervention and a few pulls and tugs this dog just is obsessed with this child's pants.


Cat Plays Trick on Dog

This dog thinks the cat is dead. He just sits there looking all sad until after a few moments the cat wakes up and then its back to their traditional chases cat.


Dog and Baby Kitten

What could be cuter than a gigantic great dane and a little baby kitten? Well after watching this video not much. Watch as this little kitten gives this dog more than he bargained for.

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