Top 10 Funniest Cat Videos of All Time

Added by RPass08 on Sep 12, 2013

Cat Chases Bear

Who knew cats could be so intimidating. In this video a cat actually stands toe to toe with a full grown bear. This video must be watch to be believed.


Angry Cobra Cat

Some of the strangest noises you will ever hear will come when a cat encounters another feline. I've personally watched cats jump five feet high, poof their tales in fear, and run through screen doors. All that being said, I have never seen what the cat in this video does.


Cat goes for a Ride

This may seem a little cruel at first, but you can't help but laugh once this cat starts going round and round. This is one of the funniest cat videos I have ever seen.


Dramatic Cat

This cat is definitely cut out for acting. In this short video this cat gets dramatic.


Cat Falls Over

Cats are known to be graceful and careful creatures. They are usually very adapt at staying on their feet. In this video the cat just flops right over after being fitted with a sweater. This is one of the funniest cat videos I have seen in a while. To see more funny cats and submit your own funny cat pictures and videos visit and my cat.

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