Top 10 Funniest Cat Videos of All Time

Added by RPass08 on Sep 12, 2013
Funniest Cat Videos

Everything from cats with thumbs to DJ cats. This list covers the funniest cat videos on the internet today. Some are well know classics while others you might be seeing for the very first time. This list of cat videos is sure to adore any cat lover.


Catsick Ft. ExKitten

This cat has a taste for the hip hop scene. Throwing in some original moves that have never been seen before Catsick delivers a performance worthy of a stage dive. Give it up for the worlds newest DJ.


Cat Takes A Shower

Have you ever tried to give a cat a bath? It usually doesn't end well! In this video this cat not only doesn't mind water he welcomes it. Watch as this cat takes a quick bath while also getting a refreshing gulp of cold water.


Surprise Kitty

This video is more cute than funny, but you can't help but crack a smile when this kitten reacts to the woman's gestures. Surprise kitty definitely ruled the internet for a little while.


Jaws Cat

One of my favorite games to play with cats is peeking around the corner when they are off in the distance. Every time I pop my head out the cat seems to inch its way just a little bit close. Add in the jaws theme and you have an instant classic.


What if Cats had Thumbs

What would our world be like if cats had thumbs? Would they start gangs and rule the world? This video gives us a peek at what life would be like if kittens suddenly developed opposable thumbs.

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