Top 10 Famous Asian Celebrities In America Today

Added by Andrew Tyson on Aug 16, 2022

Jay Chou

Born: Linkou District, New Taipei, Taiwan

While he is most recognized in the Western world thanks to his role as Kato in the 2011 remake of The Green Hornet, Chou has been a popular musician and actor in his homeland for over a decade. Particularly popular in Taiwan, Singapore, and mainland China, Chou has sold over 30 million albums since his debut in 2000. His World Tours have included stops in London, Toronto, and Las Vegas. Successful touring plus more movie roles in the works have Chou set to be the major face in the future of Asia on the international screen.


Lin Chi-Ling

Born: Taipei, Taiwan

A Taiwanese model and actress, she got a late start, invited to model at age 28. Her fame came overnight, turning her into an instant celebrity, and she has served as the ambassador and spokesperson for numerous companies and products. She has also found success in television and film, most recently with the movie Say Yes!, and is often referred to as the "Face of Taiwan" for her international presence.

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