Top 10 Famous Asian Celebrities In America Today

Added by Andrew Tyson on Aug 16, 2022

Jolin Tsai

Born: Xinzhuang District, Taiwan

Another Taiwanese star, Tsai is a pop diva, with 12 albums under her belt. She is the richest singer in Taiwan, with earnings topping $23 million per year, and has received numerous awards. Her latest album, Muse, earned her a Best Song of the Year at the Golden Melody Awards. Even more importantly, it earned her international recognition, getting play in Europe and making her the first Taiwanese star to be nominated for Best Asian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She’s already working on her next album, expected out in 2014, and has an endorsement deal with Pepsi.


Huang Xiaoming

Born: Qingdao, China

An actor, singer, and model, Xiaoming has demonstrated high marketability. On the acting side, he has held numerous lead roles in television series, including the lead role in Shanghai Bund, filling a role previously filled by Chow Yun-fat. He featured in three films in 2013, while he has been nominated for awards in the past for his acting skills, winning the Wan Xiang Award for Most Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role for the 2012 film Inaccurate Memoir. On top of this all, he has also released two albums, while acting as a spokesperson for brands such as Olay, Mercedes-Benz, and Pepsi.

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