Top 10 Excuses for Leaving Work Early

Added by Edan Barak on Apr 10, 2021

Special Occasions

Family and friends are an infinite source of good excuses, and special occasions are some of the best.

Although you might not like your little sister's boyfriend very much, their marriage poses a great excuse to leave work early.

Does your boss really need to know that they've been dating for only 1 month and haven't even mentioned the "M" word to each other?

One important note is to keep tabs on all marriages, bar mitzvahs, and other happy occasions that you've mentioned at work. You wouldn't want your boss to start wondering why your sister's getting married 3 times a year, and, strangely enough, to the same person!


Home Emergencies

For this one you'll need an accomplice, preferable a good friend that you trust. At some point in the morning your "neighbor", calls you at work to tell you a water pipe has broken in your home. Your house is slowly turning into the neighborhood swimming pool, and you better come over to fix it immediately!

The next day at work, don't forget to come in with flippers and a scuba mask.

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