Top 10 Devastating Man-Made Disasters

Added by Edan Barak on Oct 24, 2017

Halifax Explosion

No one knew that the initial explosion, which was caused due to the collision of two ships carrying highly explosive material, was just an invitation to an enormous Tsunami. People gathered across the shoreline to view the damaged vessels sink, when suddenly an 18-meter tall Tsunami wave dragged them into the water.

More than 9,000 people received injuries due to the chunks of heavy metal and around 1,953 were dead on the spot due to the blast and Tsunami.


Bombing of Chongqing

In order to avoid the incessant bombardment by the Japanese Army on the Chinese city Chongqing, many people escaped into bomb shelters. However, the bombardment continued for 3 hours and people in the shelters died of suffocation while waiting to get out. More than 2,500 entrapped people lost their lives in safety tunnels. Some people estimate the death toll to be nearly 4,000.

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