Top 10 Cities for Foodies

Added by RPass08 on Dec 1, 2017


Philly is best known for none other than its world famous cheese steak. Geno's and Pat's have been across the street rivals nearly 80 years. Both has their own unique touch to the cheese steak. Pat's uses cheese whiz and finely chops rib eye steak. Geno's uses its signature provolone and and uses sliced rib eye steak. Philly has a lot more to offer then just cheese steaks, but if your in town there is only one thing you have to make a priority.


New York City

If you had to choose one place to visit for the best food it would have to be NYC. NYC is known for everything pizza - Italian food (in general), steaks, deli sandwiches, bakeries, and so much more. In a constant battle with Chicago for the best slice of pizza New York continually gets the nod. Oh let's not forget to mention an american staple New York Cheesecake. To share your favorite recipies, favorite places to eat and favorit foods visit 12 Tomatoes

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