Top 10 Cities for Foodies

Added by RPass08 on Dec 1, 2017


Chicago home of the deep dish pizza and king of hot dogs and sausages. Chicago is a foodies dream come true. When you first get that deep dish pizza delivered you know you are about to embark on a little slice of heaven. Chicago is known for their deep dish crust and absurd amount of toppings. They put so much pepperoni on the pizza that you can't actually see the cheese until you take a bite. As far as hot dogs and sausages go they have many different varieties with the most famous version having a chopped onion, relish, dill pickle, tomato, peppers and yellow mustard.


New Orleans

Seafood, seafood, seafood, while this city did take a hit from the BP oil spill it is still packed with wonderful seafood creations. There most famous creations include gumbo, the po boy and the muffuletta. This city will be sure to satisfy any real foodie.

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