Top 10 Android Apps You Will Absolutely Love

Added by Fran on Jul 9, 2016


Price: Free
Download: link
Flipboard joined the Android bandwagon in 2012. One of the choicest apps for social sites and news services, Flipboard facilitates retrieval of articles from popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as from online publications, and displays them in a beautiful magazine designed for your Android tablet or phone. The beauty of its swipe-friendly UI is something you will definitely cherish. A simple swipe with your finger will allow you to move between pages while going through an article. Flipboard even allows you to display photos or posts that your Facebook friends have shared.



Price: $3.99
Download: link
For those of you looking for an alternative to the Android’s stock keyboard, this is the app you've been waiting for. Not only is the SwiftKey typing experience shockingly accurate and fast, the keyboard is able to predict the next word you want to type, has accurate autocorrect in almost 60 languages, and comes with a convenient UI and a bigger spacebar. SwiftKey 3 is an amazing learner and becomes well-versed with your writing style as you use it, offering you efficient predictions of words you intend to type next. Amazingly, this app can even predict names of places or people you frequently visit or interact with.

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