Top 10 Android Apps You Will Absolutely Love

Added by Fran on Jul 9, 2016
Android Apps

With the increasing demand for Android-powered smartphones and tablets in the consumer market, android apps are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. With around 125 apps being downloaded every second (that's 10,800,000 downloads daily), the android phone has proven that it's a top contender in the smartphone industry. There's an app now for just about everything, from losing weight to stalking your ex – but not all apps are created equally. Today we'll be showcasing some of our top picks for the year. We'll be happy to hear about any android apps you particularly like in the comments below.


Photoshop Touch for Phone

Price: $4.99
Download: link
Touch up photos, cut and paste your face onto your best friend's body and a whole lot more with Adobe's new Photoshop Touch for your Android phone. Get all the features of Adobe Photoshop on your Android, allowing you to become a graphic artist on-the-go, as well as snap photos directly into the app from your phones camera, or download them from the integrated Google image search feature. The app allows you to apply effects, combine layers and even share the images across Twitter and Facebook with family and friends. If you have even one artistic bone in your body then this app is going to make your day!



Price: Free
Download: link
One of the latest startups to hit the online scene straight out of Silicon Valley, Snapchat offers the quickest way to share moments through pictures, videos and messages. The app's most striking feature is its ability to set a self-destruct timer on photos, causing them to disappear from the recipients phone after a certain period of time. SnapChat will allow you to connect with friends and stay in touch as never before by snapping fleeting moments into their phones, only to have them disappear in a cinch. It might seem pointless, but it's tons of fun!

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