23 Amazing Reasons To Visit Brazil This Year

Added by Edan Barak on Feb 11, 2021
things Brazil is famous for

Brazil. The land of soccer (or football, depending on your viewpoint). The land of samba, of party atmospheres, and of blue skies.

This is the largest country in South America – in fact, it’s so large that it takes up almost half the area of the entire continent. As such, I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the most diverse countries in the world. With thriving cities, dense rainforests and pristine beaches, this is a country that has something for everyone. If you haven’t visited yet, I can’t urge you to go enough. You simply don’t know what you’re missing.

Brazil is such a beautiful country that has so much to offer both tourists and the locals alike. If you’re Brazilian then below you’ll find some things which should make you proud of your country; if you’re from elsewhere in the world then here are a few facts to whet your travelling whistle!

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Famous Soccer Players

Soccer is one of the most popular sports which is both played and followed in countries all around the world. Arguably, few countries are more soccer-oriented than Brazil, which has bred not only one of the most successful national soccer teams in the world, but some of the world’s most talented players.

Pélé, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo are three of the best names to come out of Brazil in the world of sport. Together, these three players have achieved five FIFA World Cup wins, two entries into the Guinness Book of World Records, one win of the FIFA Player of the Century award, five wins of FIFA World Player of the Year and much, much more!


The Brazilian National Soccer Team

Brazil hasn’t just produced some of the most talented soccer players in the world – throughout history it has put them all together to create the ultimate dream team. This isn’t an exaggeration, because Brazil has consistently created the most successful national soccer team in the world.

For starters, the Brazilian team is the only national team to have participated in every World Cup. That is an achievement in itself, but they didn’t stop there. Brazil’s soccer team has won the FIFA World Cup more times than any other national team: their record currently stands at five wins (in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002).



Brazil might be well-known for containing the Amazon rainforest, but that isn’t the only plant life for which the country is famous. Believe it or not, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee anywhere in the world, so coffee bean growth and production makes up a large part of the Brazilian economy.

It’s estimated that around a third of all the coffee around the world comes from Brazil, so the next time you step into your local coffee shop, you’ll know a little more about the country from where your drink might have originated!


The Personal Stereo

Brazil is famous for many things; its sport, its culture and its landmarks to name just a few. However, Brazil is also the home to many inventions which are now used all around the world – although you’d never guess they originated in South America!

First up is the personal stereo. Contrary to popular belief, Sony were not the first to come up with the idea of a portable music player. A man named Andreas Pavel was living in São Paulo in the late 1960s when he came up with the idea, which he originally called the ‘stereobelt’. After long legal battles with Sony, he is now able to say that he invented the portable music player, and he even received a large amount of compensation from the audio technology giants. This story is proof of the fact that one person’s simple idea can grow exponentially into something that takes over the lives of millions of people around the world!



These days we all seem to be looking for the newest and the best superfoods which will transform our lives and turn us into super-efficient physical beings. One of the best known superfoods is called ‘acai’ – it’s a fruit which can be found in Brazil.

Acai berries are small and dark purple in color. Although they can be eaten on their own, they’re normally added to smoothies and fruit juices which make it easy to consume a large number of nutrients quickly. They also make delicious additions to desserts and sauces. Acai berries are high in antioxidants, meaning that they help to remove harmful toxins from the body. This leads to higher energy levels, improved circulation, better digestion, and many other benefits to overall health as well!



The Amazon rainforest makes up a large area within Brazil, which means that the country is home to thousands of different animal species. Furthermore, it is generally accepted that only a small fraction of the species in existence have actually been discovered so far – there are thousands more which have never been seen or recorded yet.

As a result, Brazil is considered to be one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, which is something to be incredibly proud of. It’s estimated that the rainforest contains well over 100,000 different animal species (including alligators, freshwater dolphins and manatees) and as many as 40,000 plant species – with several new discoveries being made each and every week!


Energy Independence

In simple terms, energy independence is when a country doesn’t have to rely on anybody else for energy and fuel production. Depending on local resources, different countries produce different amounts of fuel, so the importing and exporting of energy is common practice amongst many countries.

However, Brazil can proudly say that they don’t need to import fuel from anyone else: they are 100% energy independent. Brazil does have its own supply of oil and gas resources, but over the course of several decades they have taken steps to develop alternative, more sustainable energy resources. As a result, the use of ethanol to power cars has been a major contributing factor to Brazil’s energy independence.


Rio Carnival

To the outside world, Brazil is seen as the party capital of the world. Good times, party atmospheres and samba dances course through the veins of the Brazilian people. Never is this more evident than during )the carnival which takes place in Rio de Janeiro)[http://www.rio-carnival.net] each February.

The carnival generally lasts for around four or five days; it’s characterized by street parades, extravagant floats and performances by Brazilian samba dance schools. The Rio carnival is such an iconic, famous part of Brazilian culture that it’s something you simply have to experience at least once before you die!



Despite what you and I might know about food and drink in general, I’m sure I’m not the only one who had never really given much past thought to sweet Brazilian treats. However, I didn’t know what I was missing.

Brigadeiros are a cross between chocolate truffles and bitesize chocolate desserts. They are very common in Brazil, being brought out at parties, celebrations, or just for a treat! Made from a combination of condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter, complete with a coating of chocolate sprinkles, brigadeiros are very easy to make at home. There are thousands of recipes online which will outline all the steps, meaning that you can try one of Brazil’s best chocolate treats anywhere in the world!


The Hot Air Balloon

Technically, we’re not talking about the hot air balloon itself here. This is more about the precursor to the hot air balloon – would you believe it was another invention to originate in Brazil?

This story dates back to the first part of the 18th Century – a whole 74 years before the first proper hot air balloon flew. In this case, a Jesuit priest in Brazil called Bartolomeu de Gusmão saw a soap bubble floating through the air, which planted a seed of the idea that something less dense than air should be able to rise. Within a matter of months, he had created a series of successful prototypes which astounded everyone who saw them. So impressive were his ideas that he was granted exclusive permission to develop flying machines; the result (which he called ‘Passarola’) was the first real pioneering design which led to the introduction of hot air balloons and other more modern flying machines some years later!


Gisele B√ľndchen

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that Brazil is filled with beautiful people. With their tanned skin and bodies that have been toned through years of soccer and samba, these are some of the most beautiful people in the world.

One of the best examples I can think to give is Gisele Bündchen, supermodel extraordinaire. She was born in Rio Grande do Sul in 1980 and began professional modelling as a teenager. Since then, she has gone on to become the highest paid model of all time – and also one of the most beautiful!


The Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls (also known as the Iguaçu Falls) lie right on the border between Brazil and Argentina. They are truly spectacular, because unlike many other famous waterfalls around the world, this isn’t just one single waterfall. In fact, the Iguazu Falls are made up of 275 small waterfalls which make a breath-taking spectacle together. They sit across the Iguazu River.

These waterfalls (which are taller and wider than Niagara Falls) have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is another impressive fact which can make Brazil incredibly proud!


Christ The Redeemer

Created by Paul Landowski, the statue of Christ the Redeemer has become one of the most famous, iconic landmarks in the world – not just Brazil. At 30 meters tall, it towers over Rio de Janeiro and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The statue is famous enough in itself, but it does actually have another feature which just makes it all the more impressive. You’ve probably heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, which included the Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse at Alexandria. Well, an updated list has been created, which features seven more modern marvellous creations which exist around the world. Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue has made the modern list, which is proof that it really is something very remarkable!



As we’ve already established, the Amazon rainforest provides a habitat for literally tens of thousands of different animal species. As a result, it should come as no surprize to learn that there are plenty of monkeys living in Brazil, because the dense forest vegetation makes the ideal environment.

With such a large range of different animal species, it makes sense that there are more species of monkey in Brazil than anywhere else in the world. Deforestation poses a huge threat to them and their survival, so if you do visit the Amazon and you manage to spot one, count yourself very lucky!


Praia do Cassino

Brazil has an incredibly long coastline which stretches for almost 7,500 km along the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, this means that the country is edged with some beautiful beaches which have become destinations for tourists visiting from every corner of the globe.

Few beaches are more popular than Praia do Cassino, which lies the furthest south out of all the country’s beaches. Aside from being very beautiful, there is one fact that makes this beach even more astounding. It actually stretches for around 230 km (that’s over 24,500 feet) long, meaning that it’s the largest stretch of uninterrupted beach in the world. Were you having trouble deciding where to go for your next vacation? Here’s your answer!


Uncontacted Tribes

Brazil is a country of two halves. It is a thriving, successful country with large, bustling cities, businesses which are global market leaders, inventions which are taking over the world, people who are the most successful men and women in their fields in the world, and plenty more. However, on the other side, Brazil is a country which is also home to some fairly primitive lifestyles.

Living within the Amazon rainforest, there are around 400 separate tribes who live simply within nature. Most of them have had at least a little contact with ‘outsiders’ for hundreds of years, but that isn’t a universal rule. In fact, it’s believed that there are about 77 tribes which have never had any contact with anyone from the outside world. These tribes range in size, from well-established communities to other tribes which are down to their final few members. There are more of these uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest than anywhere else in the world. Their lifestyles are threatened by both deforestation and other humans – genocide, hunters and local rivalries have all dramatically reduced the tribes’ populations over recent years.


Oscar Niemeyer

You’re probably already familiar with Oscar Niemeyer, even if not by name. He was one of the world’s best known architects ever to have lived; he was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1907. Unbelievably, he lived until very recently – he died shortly before his 105th birthday in 2012.

During his impressive lifetime, Niemeyer designed numerous famous buildings all around the world. Perhaps the Cathedral of Brasilia and the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum are his best known, although he also collaborated with other architects on the United Nations HQ in New York. It’s easy to spot many of Niemeyer’s designs, which usually incorporate striking, stylish curves instead of straight lines and angles.



Petrobras is not only one of Brazil’s biggest and best known companies – it’s also one of the best known businesses in the whole world. This energy giant has received a lot of negative press lately, but that isn’t the reason why they’re so well known.

The energy and gas industry is often criticized for having a negative impact on the environment, but Petrobras takes this very seriously. They work hard to preserve nature, create sustainable energy sources, but they don’t stop there. This company also takes great responsibility within other social and cultural areas of life, both in Brazil and in other countries around the world.


Rubens Barrichello

Sports fanatics will know Rubens Barrichello as the Formula 1 racing driver who has become an iconic name within the sport. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1972, Barrichello started racing at a very young age. From there he rose through the ranks to become one of the best respected names within Formula 1, one of the highest and most prodigious levels of motor racing.

Rubens Barrichello competed in his first Formula 1 race in 1993; he enjoyed a long-running career, retiring in 2011. In 2010 he made history by becoming the first driver to achieve 300 entries and 300 starts in Grand Prix races, which firmly set his name in the record books. In an appropriate turn of events, his final race took place in his home country of Brazil.



Brazil is famous for its party atmosphere, and a party wouldn’t be a party without a few drinks, would it? The caipirinha is Brazil’s answer – you could even go as far as describing it as Brazil’s national drink.

Cachaça is a popular Brazilian beverage made from sugar cane and alcohol, and this is the main ingredient that goes into cairprinhas. Throw in even more sugar and some fresh lime and your traditional Brazilian cocktail is ready! If you’re feeling adventurous then you can try one of the many variations on the original (which are made using other types of fruit), but otherwise you should keep it simple for a true taste of Brazil!

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