The Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In The World

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 19, 2018


Receiving awards in the 'best technology' category for three consecutive years, Lenovo is indeed a name to be considered whenever shopping around for a new laptop. Innovative features, specifications and quality make the brand a household name worldwide. Two of the bestsellers from this brand include the Thinkpad notebook and the IdeaPad laptop. The main reason behind the success of Lenovo is the company’s ability of turning the needs of the consumer into tangible products, and with a tremendous success rate. Lenovo is a very good choice in terms of security, efficiency, productivity and reliability.

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Established in USA in 1985, Gateway is a comparatively newer company to enter the laptop arena. The company rapidly carved out its own niche in the extremely competitive marketplace owing to its superior product features and top-notch quality. Gateway laptops offer a unique blend of mobility, entertainment and productivity. The NE Series Notebook successfully caters to consumer needs by being convenient to use and equipped with sophisticated technologies. The newest product is the M255-E notebook, which scores high on the performance aspect and is also lightweight, proving to be a great option for professionals.

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