The Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In The World

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 19, 2018


Synonymous with power and perfection, the Sony brand comprises one of the best manufacturers of electronic products across the globe. This Japan based player has a number of diversifications, including mobile communications, entertainment, photography, semiconductors and last but not the least, laptops. Currently the Sony Vaio is experiencing great popularity, and is known for its durability and excellent interface. It is indeed slightly more expensive then similar products, but is definitely worth the price, if you consider its supremity in terms of performance, quality, functionality and design. Some of the largest selling models within the Vaio series include SR, Z, TT, W and more.

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A multinational company based in Taiwan, Acer has found great success with the launch of the Aspire series. Currently, Acer has gained immense popularity with the delivery of performance-oriented products that subtly blend with the user’s lifestyle. Coming up with a lot of trendy and affordable models, Acer has also proved to be a competitive player in the ultrabook market, especially with the introduction of the touch-enabled Windows 8 ultrabook. An innovative ultrabook coming from Acer’s closet is the Aspire S3.

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