The Top 10 Best Hotels In Vegas

Added by Edan Barak on Nov 17, 2018

The Mirage

A wonderful replica of a tropical paradise, The Mirage draws its inspiration from the Island of Bali. If you're game for an exotic experience then this hotel is the perfect choice, with all the volcanoes, waterfalls, tropical landscapes, secret gardens, lounges, pools, casinos, sharks, dolphins, wild cats and a whole lot more! There are a host of fine dining choices from Japanese grill to Brazilian barbecue, as well as restaurants offering casual dining with mouth-watering dining options. The rooms, lined with warm woods and fixed with modern amenities are sure to make you feel at home.


MGM Grand

Touted as the largest hotel resort in the United States, the MGM Grand takes you to the movies in style with a Hollywood-African theme, and the popular MGM lion roaring silently at the entrance, inviting guests to indulge in the grandeur and beauty within.

With sophisticated restaurants, over 5,000 rooms, a water park, entertainment theatres, a plethora of shops, renowned nightclubs and an exclusive lion zoo, MGM Grand is sure to make your stay in Las Vegas a memorable one. Speaking of dining, you can't go wrong with Craftsteak, the award winning steakhouse, along with many other high quality restaurants scattered around the resort. The rooms range from deluxe suites to extremely cozy private villas.

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