The 10 Smartest, Most Intelligent, And Easiest Dogs To Train

Added by Edan Barak on Dec 19, 2018


Don't let the terrible styling inflicted on these guys by their owners fool you, they only look dumb. The styling itself is actually functional, meant to keep the poodle's important parts warm while reducing the amount of fur so they can swim more easily. They are easy to train, but can be troublesome when not provided with enough stimulation.


Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

Highly energetic and extremely destructive when they don't receive enough attention or exercise, this breed is also very independent. This makes for a dog that is very trainable, but also one that will not necessarily follow that training, and will end up thinking for themselves at times, going against what the owner wants. Despite this independence, or maybe partially because of it, Australian Cattle Dogs excel in dog sports such as competition obedience and agility competitions. They were bred to be herders, and will naturally try and herd people and other pets.

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