The 10 Smartest, Most Intelligent, And Easiest Dogs To Train

Added by Edan Barak on May 14, 2021
easiest dogs to train

Man's best friend isn't always all that bright, but many dogs have a high level of intelligence hidden beneath a friendly, sometimes clumsy appearance. Individual dogs have shown incredible brilliance, including specimens such as Chaser, a border collie who has learned to discern the names of over 1,000 individual items.

Other dogs have demonstrated a propensity for detecting contraband, even when buried in suitcases. Over time, certain breeds have distinguished themselves as far as being more trainable and better at figuring out puzzles than the others, and have proven themselves to be better working dogs, often in the fields of herding or protection. Here are the ten smartest dog breeds that are also the easiest dogs to train.


German Shepherd

Bred to work, German Shepherds needed the intelligence to learn commands, while also needing to be bright enough to think on their own while herding. This combination has turned them into top-notch animal herders, but has served us humans even more. Their combination of intelligence and muscle make them perfect police and military dogs, with a certain level of intimidation from their appearance.



A high-energy toy breed from the Spaniel family, the Papillon is a bit out of place on the list, as all the other dogs were bred as working dogs. Bred as companion dogs for French royalty, they are wonderful companion dogs, but are also a bit distrustful of new people. Their Spaniel lineage has given them a high amount of energy that, combined with a high level of intelligence and confidence, can lead the breed into trouble at times. All of these traits, however, have made them into excellent watchdogs.

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