The 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World (With Outstanding Pictures)

Added by Fran on Mar 14, 2019


Native to the United States, roses were first formally bred by President George Washington. In 1986, the rose was proclaimed the National Flower of the United States. It is therefore no wonder that the United States has many close ties with roses and this beautiful flower remains a firm favorite for many. Around holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Christmas, roses are particularly popular. Roses are flowers of sentiment - yellow roses are popularly associated with expressing friendship while red roses bear the message of love.



In ancient times, carnations were known as the “flower of the gods.” Today, Colombia is the biggest commercial producer of carnation flowers. The floral trade particularly favors Carnations because this cut flower can last for quite a long time without withering. Traditionally, carnations were used as flavoring for several alcoholic beverages, including liquors and wine. Similar to roses, the color of carnations bears specific meaning: pink carnations resemble motherly love, light red means admiration and deep red is the sharing of deep love.

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