The 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World (With Outstanding Pictures)

Added by Fran on Mar 14, 2019

Water Lily

A beautiful water feature, the water lily is a large and colorful lily growing in ponds and other water sources. The water lily also serves an important ecological function – it provides fish with shade and is a resting spot for small frogs. Water lilies are tropical flowers, yet they are found throughout the world. The large floating flower, whether blue, white, yellow or mauve, is loved by many and is seen as a symbol of serenity.


Calla Lily

The Calla Lily, literally translated meaning “beautiful lily” is widely found throughout southern Africa. The Calla Lily is the national flower of the South Atlantic island Saint Helena.

With its large white waxy flowers and dark green arrowhead shaped leaves, these flowers are often used for both wedding and funeral bouquets. Although traditionally a white flower, new varieties including bright yellow, pink and dark red colors are widely found today. The green calla lily, the Green Goddess, is one of the few natural green flowers on Earth.

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